Chasing A Dream

I’ve always loved writing and reading mysteries/adventures and romances. When I was in elementary school, my favorite book series was Nancy Drew Mysteries. I’d write up stories that my sister, cousins and I would act out. In college, I majored in Business-Marketing, but squeezed in a creative writing class for fun – I’m such a nerd. After graduation, I worked full-time in a marketing department for Verizon, married the love of my life, and raised a family. Life was extremely busy then, so I dabbled with some story writing, but spent most of my free time reading.

Fast-forward two decades. My kids were grown and in college when I finally decided to go after my dream of becoming a bestselling author. On January 1, 2018, I finished my final draft of Repo Girl. I had considered finding an agent and getting my book published with one of the major publishers, but that can take years. I didn’t want to wait a minute longer, so two weeks later, I opened my own publishing company – Blue Morpho Books. On March 15, 2018, I published Repo Girl! It’s been such an exciting adventure, and I continue to learn new things every day.

I just turned 55 and am now an international and bestselling author of three books! I’ve got another three stories that are ready to be written – hopefully this year. It’s never too late to chase those dreams.

Do you have a dream that you’d love to make a part of your reality? Please share your dream in the comments.

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Jane Fenton lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia with her family, two energetic dogs, two feisty horses, and a few whimsical chickens. She’s passionate about baking pumpkin bread and chocolate chip cookies, which would be a perfectly healthy pastime if she didn’t enjoy eating them quite so much. Luckily, she also enjoys hiking and kayaking.

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